I, Robot

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Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Action / Science-Fiction / Thriller
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We start off with the introduction of police officer Del Spooner, portrayed by the ever-so-elegant Will Smith. Early one morning, he’s called to the site of the apparant suicide of Alfred Lanning, a high-profiled robotics engineer for U.S. Robotics, which creates robots for everyday use. On closer inspection, his suicide doesn’t quite look like a suicide, but rather a murder. After examining his room, which was the origin of his suicide jump, Del encounters a robot that expresses anger, a feeling not otherwise programmed into robots. During the investigation, it appears to be someone who don’t want him to get closer to the truth.

Wild action, amazing visual effects, and a story that kinda holds up (a couple of flaws, though, but it’ll have to pass). Add a sprinkle of everyday comedy, and ta-dah! I, Robot – the movie. It wasn’t anywhere near what was described in the book, but they certainly did a good job on it. The only things this movie have in common with the original book, are the three laws of robotics and a few of the characters. Beyond that, it’s all original. And quite a show, I might add.

There are a whole bunch of sequences making this movie worthwile, such as the general high-speed trips on the road, the demolition of Lanning’s house and the freeway attack of robots, just to mention a few. I’m not gonna burst the bubbles, even though I want to.

Absolutely a movie worth watching. Then again, Will Smith appears to be attracted to blockbusters somehow.


Story interest: ★★★☆☆☆ 

Plot development: ★★★★★★ 

Characters: ★★★★★★ 

Credibility: ★★★★★☆ 

Visual effects: ★★★★★☆ 


Overall: ★★★★★☆