Back at work

I’m finally back at work at IntraHouse. To be frank, it did feel a bit strange to be back, and there’s even a couple of people who’ve been replaced, but it does feel good to be back in a proper daily rhythm (although this is still my first day). Even if it’ll be a relatively low sum of cash per day over the next 3 months, it at least better than little or no cash at all.

Other than that, the job market is still going slow, so I’m currently trying to run through a couple of “free” projects (my payment is the placement of a sponsor ad banner) to build a portfolio and a basis for further jobs (in terms of self education and building a trademark).

And I do know I haven’t exactly been updating my blog much since I released the new design, but it’s not easy to write something when there’s nothing to write about. By the way, I’m happy to get a few topic suggestions for expressing my opinion, just drop me a line.