Blogger code?

I just found something weird today. Something called “the blogger code”. Basically, it describes how experienced you are with blogging, how you do it and how often you do it. Cute…

Anyway, this is mine:
B7 d++ t++ k s- u– f- i- o+ x e l c-

It’s already in the “about me” section of this website, in case you want to see it at a later time without scrolling down through my articles (which unfortunately aren’t much to talk about at the moment).

In other news, I got disconnected this weekend. Someone around the house had let the ISP bill slip by, and they shut us out. More specifically, just me, since I’m the only one who uses the Internet at home. The bill was paid the afternoon we noticed we were disconnected, but then there are the long wait until the bank has processed the bill and the ISP has registered the payment. So basically, from Thursday afternoon last week until today, Monday morning, I was Internet-less at home. You never know how much you depend on something until it’s gone.