Trick or candy?

And now it’s that time of year when kids dress up, wreak havoc on unsuspecting strangers and demanding candy in a way only a terrorist could do better. This is an American tradition, I know. But unfortunately, more and more countries have picked up this nasty habit for the sake of candy, costume and toy sales. And the kids cling to it like the heel of a shoe to fly paper. Even Norwegian kids.

Go on, ask the kids why they do it. They don’t have a clue, they just want the candy and a chance to redecorate the neighborhood walls with eggs and toilet paper if they don’t get the candy. Whoever decided to import this American tradition should be taken out and shot if they haven’t already.

Truth is, I don’t care about Halloween. We never had Halloween in Norway; it doesn’t belong in our country. And still, all sorts of stores jump on the carousel, desperate to make a sale.

This candy rush started only a couple of years ago here, and I still don’t care. They’re not getting any candy from me. I won’t even bother to make “preparations”. I don’t need this. Definitely not this. Please, kids, go away. And if you throw anything at our house this year, you can expect a call to your parents.

Garfield and Odie at Halloween

Garfield - Reprinted without permission whatsoever. So there.

Although I don’t care about Halloween, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate cartoons containing elements of – and you know I’m gonna say it again – this American tradition. Just have a look at this one:

And that makes the first cartoon strip published after setting up the new design. Weee!