Yay for AaFK!

Congratulations, AaFK!

Even though I don’t really pay attention to sports in general, I do like to keep my eye on the progress (or sometimes regress) of the local football team (or “soccer”, as some of you would call it).

AaFK (or Aalesunds Fotballklubb) won the match this weekend (April 16) against Odd Grenland at the brand new home stadium, Color Line Stadion, 2 against 1. And as far as I could tell, it was spectacular, with both goals for the home team in the last few minutes of the game. Amazing!

Off The Mark, by Mark Parisi
So there. Yay for us! 😀

Again, I know I haven’t updated my blog for the last few months, which is basically the direct cause of close-to-nothingness happening in my life. At least the part of my life I don’t mind putting up on public display. Would you believe it? This guy’s just vibrating with exhibitionism. Yet, he can’t be half-assed to update something as simple as a blog once a week. Or even once a month, for that matter. That just craps me out.

On the other hand, I did get around to create a generic portal page for all my personal projects, along with my CV/resumé and a simple contact form. And it’s such an easy URL to remember as well:

www.kimandre.com (yes, Kim André Akerø is my real name, in case you were wondering)

I just love posting recent cartoons that are just slightly on-topic for my life right now… So just look to the right.

While we’re at it, and I don’t want to sound like I’m begging, but I could really use a fill-up for restoring my old harddrive. It has been collecting dust over the last couple of years since the sucker burst. Okay, so the anti-static bag I put it in is collecting dust, preventing dust and electrical disturbances in The Force from affecting the damaged harddrive, but that wasn’t my point. Although it probably just needs a circuit board replacement, I’m in no condition, nerve-wise or knowledge-wise, to tell whether that really is the case and to perform the necessary “surgery”.

The only real way to tell, is to send it to a data reconstruction lab, but they charge you an arm before they’ll even touch it with a stick and tell me what the problem actually is, and then they’ll charge the leg and your first-born to perform the “surgery” and extract the data from it.

Fine, the costs I presented is a bit off proportions – it just feels that way. Especially in my current economic situation.

article: Need money for harddrive restoration