I won again?

This is NeonNero, reporting to you live from a hotel room in Odense, Denmark. I found a freebie WLAN connection nearby my hotel room, which isn’t as good as the one provided by the hotel itself (but it’s free compared to the one within the hotel itself, and I’m a little short on cash right now). Just thought I’d share about another “item” I “won”…

I won a Scientology E-meter - LiquidGeneration.com

Anyway, some of you might’ve caught the fact that I’m on vacation right now with my parents. We started off yesterday morning, and the trip will end up in both Opatija, Croatia (3 nights) and in Zalakaros, Hungary (10 nights). I’m typing up a travel report along the way on my brand new Dell laptop, and getting some help along the way with Microsoft AutoRoute 2005 (it actually came with my mom’s laptop, but she’s not using it, so I grabbed the license for it).

Since I’m typing the report while on the road, there will be the need for some heavy cutting and editing before it’ll be suitable for reading on the web. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some of that when I reach either Opatija or Zalakaros. If so, I’ll post first half of my vacation report the first chance I get for Internet access after that. We’ll see.