Is it summer yet?

I think the summer might finally be around the corner. Or at least springtime. We still have some snow left, and it’s now April. We’ve had a couple of sunny days now, but Tuesday came as a shock to me. It started snowing again! Although it was a small snowstorm (more like a snow-breeze, really) up on the mountain, where I live (yes, there’s a small one not far from downtown here), you can imagine how happy I was. I was busy enough just dodging the snow, so I didn’t get any snaps of this crapper. I did, however, manage to catch some of the progress in the snow melting on a corner where I live:

Left: Lump of snow on Monday. Right: The same lump of snow on Wednesday.

My mood is getting lighter each day now. More sun = me happy. I couldn’t resist taking a few more snaps of the sun each day this week. Here’s a small selection:

These were taken Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in that order.

I’m finally jumping back on the LAN party horse again. After a long while without a decent computer to bring along to a gettogether like this, I’m bringing my laptop along to the one being arranged around here this Easter (April 13-16). No, it’s not The Gathering. I don’t live anywhere near the Hamar area. And although that would’ve been my first choice, all tickets were sold out in a matter of few weeks after the ticket sales opened in January.

This is the place I’m going to this year: Exotic-LAN 2006. It’s gonna be a lot of gaming, too little sleep, and socializing the geek way. I’m bringing along my laptop, and I just hope it’s up for the task. It’s working fine as a stand-along tool, and the occasional play of EVE Online, but I don’t know about other network play just yet. I also hope I have some gamers willing to play the type of games I play. Counter-Strike (and the likes) and fast-paced strategy games are not my cup of cocoa; slow strategy (that requires a bit of pondering) are the type for me. To get an idea of what I’m into, I have Monopoly 3, Civilization 3 (Gold Edition), The Movies and Age of Empires II (with the Conquerors expansion) installed. At least one of them will have to do.

And if the games aren’t quite working out, there still are the non-gaming competitions. Hopefully, my skills are up to speed there.