Calling in from Prague

It’s me, the lots-of-updates guy! I usually try, but I generally don’t get any further than thinking about it. I am, of course, talking about making a post in my blog.

Right now, I’m in Prague, enjoying the sun and a good vacation. We arrived here yesterday, and we’re leaving tomorrow. And as I’ve come to notice, that’s not nearly enough to experience the multitude of culture this city has to offer. At least we know that now for next year.

My only sadness is the loss of Internet connectivity, and I don’t have the ability to bring along my laptop to the Internet café I’m at now. I do have the ability to use the GPRS connection off my mobile phone and connect to the Internet using my laptop there, but using GPRS from Eastern Europe costs about 4 or 5 times per megabyte than back home, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I can use that connection, but only in extreme emergencies. Another bad thing is the Czech keyboard layout, which is quite different from the Norwegian layout (or even the US layout), making it hard getting used to. The letters themselves (a-z) as well as the numbers (0-9) are in the same places, though (as is the same difference between the Norwegian and US keyboard layouts).

Other than that, it’s been nice. So far, the route has been the following:
July 1-2: Oslo, Norway
July 2-3: Langeskov, Denmark
July 3-5: Berlin, Germany
July 5-8: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
July 8-10: Prague, Czech Republic

Meaning, we’re checking out tomorrow morning and setting “sail” for Leipzig in Germany, where we have hotel rooms waiting.

And yes, the road trip part of my vacation is hot, awful and tiresome. Only the end stops along the way make the trip worthwhile.

I’ve taken a few photos, although not as frequent as on last year’s trip, but still a small handful. I’ll try to post ’em when I get to a proper Internet connection (ie. somewhere that allows me to connect my entire laptop), and, of course, if only I remember to update my site.