Happy New Year! (a little belated)

Happy Belated New Year!

OK, so we’re almost a full week into 2009, so this blogged New Year greeting is 5 days late, three weeks early or even two months or more early, depending on where in the world you are (and which New Year you celebrate).

I thought I’d bring on last year’s Christmas catch (ie. the X-mas presents of 2008):
– DVDs: “WALL-E”, “Diamonds Are Forever”, “Live And Let Die”, “The Man With The Golden Gun”, “You Only Live Twice” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
– 2 large tea cups (in a certain series I’m collecting)
– 4 coffee cups in another series, along with 4 small tea bag saucers (for used tea bags, essentially) and a set of tea spoons
– SteelSeries 5 1/2 H headset
– a decorative cat and a pair of decorative musicians (the latter pair are Christmas decorations, too)

I did plan on posting this small list on Christmas Eve while the catch was still fresh in mind, but what the hey.. And yes, in Norway, we unwrap our presents on the evening (late afternoon, around 5-6-ish) on Christmas Eve.

Today, my parents started taking down the Christmas decoration for the season. In Norway, these come down around January 6th (the 13th day of Christmas), but we decided to start a little early this year, considering we already had time to spare.

And I’m preparing a special surprise for later this week. I’ll give a small hint by saying I’ve started taking up a hobby that includes sewing and performing arts. That’s probably already saying a lot, but I did get properly started on it just before Christmas. I hope I’ll be able to show the end result by the end of this week. One of my sisters turns 11 this coming weekend, and I hope to have my little special project completed by that time. The completed project won’t be a present, of course, but I do hope it will be a nice surprise even so.

Hopefully, she doesn’t read my blog (yet), so I can reveal that her birthday present from me this year is a full year’s subscription of a biweekly horse magazine aimed at teenagers. No surprise, she’s very much into horses, so I hope she’ll appreciate it very much.

Well, that’s pretty much it for this time around. I hope it doesn’t take another few months for my next update.