I’m about to start a new hobby project of mine, which has been a long time coming. I have something of a blurry vision of what it will be like, but I have somewhat of an idea. I don’t, however, have a more clear idea of the name of this pet project of mine.

First off, let me just blurt out what the project actually is about. For some time now, I’ve been “secretly” training my skill as a puppeteer. This comes heavily into play in this new project, which is, in general, about a group of puppets living together and vlogging (video blogging) on YouTube about their lives using a webcam. The project is not meant to be daily, but hopefully at the very least a weekly segment will come out of this, and the current plan is to eventually expand this to live segments on BlogTV (or similar site) and to some segment parts filmed outdoors and on the move (to show off some sights and on vacation). These are future plans, but it will all start from a webcam in front of a computer. The starting premise might change, though, depending on the name suggestions I get. There might also be a possibility I’ll make some minor changes to the format these segments are produced.

To start with, this group of puppets (both performed by myself) will consist of two male characters (the puppets are actually in transit from across the pond at the time of this post). These will not necessarily be performed simultaneously (not without some heavy post-production editing, at least), but the segments will be improvised upon a partial pre-written script (which will be more like a summary of events to talk about).

Now all I need is a name for these vlogs. The name needs to be short enough to be memorable and easy to type as a URL (short domain name as well). I won’t necessarily use the full name suggested by my reader(s), I just need a few starting points to brainstorm my way out of. Please note that if the name I choose isn’t available for registration (as a username at YouTube and BlogTV, and as a domain name), I won’t use it. I might consider the name if you’ve already registered the domain name for it and is prepared to donate it to the project (or at least sell it at’s retail price), but that’s not a given.

The puppets themselves should arrive here in about two weeks (or a little less), but I also have some room cleaning and redecoration to do before that time arrives. I will also have to do some test scripting, test filming and general preparations before the actual project starts up. There’s really no telling when this first video will be released, but I’m setting my sights on being ready for mid-April or the beginning of May.

I know there aren’t a lot of people reading this, but if you guys would e-mail me a list of suggestions that pop into their minds, I’d really appreciate it. Those who provide suggestions that are used, either in part or in full, will of course get listed in the (short) end credits unless you don’t want me to.

I’ll be accepting name suggestions up to the point where I announce the name of it in a new blog post here.

Big thanks to anyone who participate.