Vegas, baby!

A little late for an update, but I finally arrived in Las Vegas 3 days ago. It’s now Thursday morning, and I still have a lot of time left for fun. If someone has any tips for my remaining 4 days here, call or text 202-375-3409. That’s the number of the cell phone I’ve rented for my time in the U.S., so I’ll only be available on that number until July 27. Also, I’m leaving for Orlando on Monday, so if you have anything for Las Vegas, now’s the time. 🙂

Also, I experienced my first full Blue Man Group show last night. It was all I hoped for. Previously, I’ve only seen short clips from the shows, in addition to attending the Megastar rock tour when it was in Copenhagen in October last year. I tell ya, it’s nothing like the rock tour. If you’re near a Blue Man Group show, I can definitely recommend seeing it at least once.

I’m not sure what I’ll do today, but I might try a little blackjack downstairs. We’ll see what else comes along my path.