What about Orlando?

So anyway, I managed to get my ass out from the hotel so late, I also missed the last check-in for my flight at McCarran Airport (the Las Vegas airport, for those of you who don’t already know). United Airlines was kind enough to put me on standby for the next flight to Denver (which was my stop on my way to Orlando) at around 3:30pm, no extra charge. Not too shabby, as I would have 1 hour waiting time in Denver rather than 3. That is, if I actually got on that flight. Problem was, that one was fully booked and fully checked in, which also meant that I would completely miss my connecting flight to Orlando, which is also today’s last flight to Orlando from Denver. Oh, joy.

The next flight to Orlando leaves in the morning, at 8:04am, which means I’ll have to be back at the airport by 6am. I’m still on standby for that flight as well, but at least there were 19 unused seats on that flight at 9pm, so there’s still hope. People may say bad things about United Airlines, but I’ve found them to be quite accommodating for all my delays (which was originally my own fault). They even gave me a half-off voucher for a hotel stay near the airport, and the shuttle ride between the airport to the hotel(s) are complimentary, so it’s a small cost (the hotel I picked – SpringHill Suites near the Denver Airport – was $59 for the night, I believe).

Of course, on the taxi ride from The Venetian, I was intensely watching the time pass by (and pass the latest check-in time), and right there, I wished I had made use of the Bags to Go / Airport SpeedCheck Advance service which was available at my hotel. That would’ve saved me a lot of inconvenience for today, and I would’ve been all ready to go once I arrived at the airport (leaving me only with passing the security checkpoint and going straight to the gate). But, noooooooooooooo, I just had to save $20 on doing it all myself.

But, anyway.

I loved the Blue Man Group show so much, I went ahead and saw it two more times during the next few days. If you’re a big fan of nutsy stuff, I can absolutely recommend it. But, from the comments I’ve heard from others, Blue Man Group isn’t for everybody. You’d have to enjoy subtle physical comedy as well as a certain level of audience participation to fully enjoy a Blue Man Group show. There, I said it.

Also worth noting, each show is a little bit different (in nuances), depending on the audience composition.

I also caught a show with Wayne Brady, who was doing an improv show (with a short concert at the end) right across the hall from Blue Man Group at The Venetian. And, since I selected a VIP seating, I was seated at the very front row, and got to meet Wayne after the show. I tell ya, he’s a great guy. I got me an autographed CD (I bought the CD in the lobby, he signed it afterwards) and got my picture taken with him. Sadly, only with my mobile phone camera (even though it’s quite a good one), since I forgot my digital camera back at my suite.

And on Sunday, I went over to the Rio to catch a show with Penn & Teller. It was truly a great one, even though I hoped they would do their “Liftoff To Love” act, but still. And with a meet-and-greet (autographs and picture-taking) in the lobby after the show, I got me an autographed souvenir program (from Penn and Teller, and even Mike Jones, their musical director) as well as some snaps of me with each them (except for Mike Jones, which I forgot to take a good picture of until it was too late – ah, well).

I’ll get the latest round of photos up on my Flickr account once I’m checked in and chilled out enough in Orlando.