ABC’s of ME

Jacob Dicke (one of the people I met at the Blue Man Group fanmeet in Orlando this summer) tagged me with this on Facebook, so I (almost) had to make this list.

Then again, the introduction said I “had” to tag an additional 25 people while posting this (including the person who originally tagged you), and since I’m very much against chain letters and variations thereof, I’m reluctant to do just that.

But anyway, here are the ABC’s of me:

  • A – Age: 29 (at the moment)
  • B – Bed size: Junior king, or whatever it’s called (just wide enough to fit my wide ass)
  • C – Chore you hate: Vacuuming (but it has to be done)
  • D – Dog’s names: No dogs or pets of any kind (unless you count the occasional dust bunny)
  • E – Essential start your day item: Daily cartoons and/or jokes
  • F – Favorite color: Blue
  • G – Gold or Silver: Gold
  • H – Height: 171 cm (that’s roughly 5′ 7½” to those who are stuck with the “imperial” system)
  • I – Instruments you play: None at the moment, but I did learn how to play recorder, piano and cello back in the day
  • J – Job title: System Administrator
  • K – Kid(s): None (yet)
  • L – Living arrangements: Large basement room at my mom’s house
  • M – Mother’s name: Marianne
  • N – Nicknames: NeonNero (chosen) and Kimmen (from others)
  • O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Once during elementary school, I was admitted for monitoring after an accidental (and small) overdose on my asthma medication
  • P – Pet Peeves: Spelling and/or grammatical errors on commercial products and big signs. I mean, COME ON!
  • Q – Quote from a movie: The Terminator: I’ll be back.
  • R – Right or left handed: Right handed
  • S – Siblings: Two younger sisters – one 3 years and 1 month apart (same mother and father), and one 17 years and 11 months apart (only the same father)
  • T – Time you wake up: Anywhere between 9am and 11am, usually, unless I need to get up earlier for some reason
  • U – Underwear bought most during Clinton administration: I was in my mid-teens, so I basically didn’t care too much about what type of underwear to use – but I think I used
  • V – Vegetable you dislike: Broccoli (something about the texture that makes me twitch)
  • W – Ways/Reasons you run late: Absent-mindedness, mostly
  • X – X-rays you’ve had: Head and hand (when I was checked for any stunted growth)
  • Y – Yummy food you make: Pizza! From scratch!
  • Z – Zoo favorite: Giraffe