Stockholm 2010, day four

Another day over, and it has been quite the Blue Man experience for me. 🙂

I had three shows lined up for the day, and I chose to wear the white T-shirt I got from Blue Man Group Las Vegas in one of their Twitter giveaways. After every show, the band and the Blue Men always come out to the lobby for photos, and after today’s first show, one of them spotted me in my white Blue Man Group T-shirt, and decided to give me a nice blue handprint on my belly. In paint.

Not this guy, though. I didn't get a photo of the one that made the handprint. But at least that's the white T-shirt.

After the second show, just outside the lobby, actually, one of the Blue Men (don’t remember if it was the same one) spotted me in my white Blue Man Group T-shirt with a blue handprint on it, and decided to give me an extra souvenir. He took an arm’s length distance, and went head-on into another blank spot on my T-shirt. Yep, I got myself a hefty face print as well.

At this point, my T-shirt was so full of paint that I decided to rush back to the hotel (in a taxi, to make it quicker – the next show was only about an hour or so away) and change to a different T-shirt. This type of paint takes a very long time to dry, so I had to change to avoid getting blue paint all over. After a quick cleaning and a new T-shirt, I rushed back to the theater for the third and last show of the day. Once again, an awesome show.

In the lobby afterwards, while I was talking a little bit to the band, I was suddenly approached by a man who identified himself as the production manager (or at least that’s what I thought I heard, it was so noisy in the lobby I didn’t even catch his name). They have apparently noticed me coming to every show this week, and wanted to do a little extra special for me. Today (I’m writing this on the day after, actually), I’ll be meeting him again outside the theater a little over an hour before today’s show, and I’ll get to go backstage (!) after they’re done with the soundcheck.

As it turns out, this vacation may actually get a bit bigger than I originally had hoped for. After grabbing a bit to eat last night, I ran into one of the band members on the subway, heading in roughly the same direction as me. Since the subway train he was going on runs past where I was going, we both got on the same train and had a small chat about his little part of the production (he’s the one on the far left in the above photo, btw).

I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures backstage (where possible) and upload them to my Flickr when I get home Monday night.

But first, a quick nap before I head out.