Stockholm 2010, day three

Oh my, what a day it has been.

I decided to start off today with a trip to Tekniska museet (the science museum). There certainly was a lot to explore, with just about every technical science represented (mining, energy production, cars, airplanes, metal work, inventions, space exploration, and much more). Although I didn’t have enough time for it, the museum also boasts to have the only 3D movie theater in Sweden. I’ll see if I can drop by either tomorrow or on Sunday before the 4 pm shows with Blue Man Group.

Speaking of which, I had two shows with Blue Man Group today. And again, they were awesome! I (almost) can’t get enough at this point! Then again, I’m glad that it’s just this week with shows. I don’t wanna get too full up with the experience. If Blue Man Group was playing in my town, though, I might get around to see them once a week, or at least 2-3 shows a month. I’m doing what appears to be overkill right now because I have to travel so far just to get access to these shows. The closest permanent show is in Berlin (Germany), and the closest English-speaking show is currently New York. I can’t exactly afford taking trips to either of these locations on a regular basis (at least not for the time being).

And so, for the Blue Man afficionados out there, here’s the complete set list for the Stockholm shows (I actually wrote them down this time – those who have been to more than one show with Blue Man Group knows what these mean):

  • TV Song
  • Paint drumming on canvas
  • Opening Mandelbrot / Marshmallows and Gum Balls
  • Text boards / Captain Crunch (or in the case of Sweden, Kalaspuffar)
  • Tension 2 / You’re Late (“Ni är sena”)
  • Modern Plumbing (“Avloppssystemet”) / Drumbone
  • Feast Picking / The Feast (using Kinder Brioss instead of Twinkies)
  • PVC IV
  • Dance moves + Tributes / Time To Start
  • Animation (without using zoetropes)
  • Utne Wire Man (using a cyber café, but without light suits)
  • TV Heads
  • Klein Mandelbrot
  • Chant Jam / Paper Finale
  • Paint drumming finale

There, that should cover it. I’ll be attending 3 shows tomorrow – and I’m still looking forward to see it all again.