Stockholm 2010, day two

Second day is up, and what a day it has been!

The daytime was all open for me, and after considering the list of pre-selected possibilities, I decided to go for Leksaksmuseet (the toy museum) and spend a few hours. When I got there, I eventually found out that the toy museum was waaaaay at the back of Spårvägsmuseet (the railway museum), with a common entry ticket.

Since I already was there, I walked around the old trams and buses of past and present Stockholm. It was actually surprisingly interesting to basically see the development of inner city public transportation from the late 13th century until today.

This wasn’t just relevant for just Stockholm, though. It felt relevant for just about any city with a wide range of public transportation.

Next up, the Toy Museum. I know Mike Mozart would get a kick out of this one. 🙂 There was a large collection of old and new toys. Teddy bears (and other stuffed animals), dolls, toy cars, model ships, model airplanes, Meccano, trains, puzzles, board games, dioramas and much more. And, as one of the highlights, the museum was donated a rather large toy car collection back in 2008. It consisted of about 1400 cars in 1/43 size from all possible manufacturers, like Dinky Toys, Corgi, Schuco, Solido, Brum, Polistil, Rio and many more. The collection alone fills four huge display cases at the museum.

I took a large amount of photos from both museum sections (both the railway museum and the toy museum). The Internet connection at the hotel isn’t that good, so I’ll post the whole gallery to my Flickr account when I return.

I can absolutely recommend a trip to these two museums, but keep in mind that you might spend about 3 hours to get through it at a good pace. The entry ticket for both museums is 40 SEK (or roughly 6 USD) for adults, so it’s totally worth it.

After the museum closed, it was time to make my way to Göta Lejon for my pre-purchased pre-show dinner.

I had already bought a burger menu when I bought the ticket for the Thursday show. This was definitely far from McD or BK quality. We’re talking genuine gourmet burger here.

The show itself was awesome, as usual. Something I didn’t quite expected, was that all text was translated to Swedish. And the finale wasn’t the new one, as obviously first seen on the current North American tour (I’m guessing it will be a while before that one comes to the current productions around the world, then).

Aside from those two items, which were all about hightened expectations, I had a great time. I don’t remember the set list from memory from tonight, but I’ll post it after tomorrow’s shows.

And now, bedtime again!