Power outages

I hate power outages. Especially at work.

Why do I hate them?

First: Since I work at a company that makes software, it means that everyone at the office (including myself) can’t get much work done, since everything they’re supposed to connect to and work with, is unavailable (mainly because either the server or the network is powered off). That is, those who are lucky enough to use laptops. Those with desktop (stationary) computers are not so lucky.

Second: Once power comes back on, who do you think is responsible for making sure all servers and computers are coming back up and no data has been lost? That’s me!

Sure, battery backups are fine, but they can only last so long.

Today’s power outage lasted almost one and a half hour, just because some idiot worker in the neighborhood dug through a high-voltage power line that provides the wonders of electricity to the entire city district (including our office). I know this because I called the power company to find out. The outage was timed to roughly the last two hours of the normal workday.

Way to go, Monday! (mumble-grumble)

At the time of writing this post, we’ve had power back on for almost two hours, and I’m still struggling with recovering data on the final server. Since the last command I entered takes a while to finish (it’s currently at 90%, and has been doing its recovery work for the last hour and a half), I thought I’d vent some steam on my blog, because I know I’m going to need it when I’m doing unpaid overtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It’s just that sometimes, it hands me challenges that either knocks the air out of me or gives me one heck of a head ache. And those challenges usually comes when I least expect them to (and need the highest possible priority).

I can’t wait to get it overwith so I can go home for the day…