What a week!

Oh, what a week it’s been. Way beyond early Monday morning started off with an onset of a stomach flu, with “darker” fluids rushing out both ends (and I apologize if that was too graphic for ya). As with previous experiences (and my mother to guide me), I got rehydrated with plenty of water, plus de-carbonated Coke to help settle the stomach (dunno if it actually helps, but at least it helps with keeping the spirits up), and a few small pieces of bread so I could at least get some nutrition in me. A few extra hours of sleep in the guest room (which is in close proximity to the bathroom), interrupted by several trips to you-know-where (flowing in the “right” direction, at least) did most of the trick, though. Most of today (Tuesday) was spent just recovering from the whole thing. I’m still kinda sore in the diaphragm area, so it hurts when I laugh or cough, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

And my whole auction seems to get an interesting outcome. According to QXL.no, I’ve had almost 600 views, but still no takers. I did get an e-mail from someone wanting to get some dedicated ad links inside some of my blog posts, since he couldn’t bid on my auction, and it’s something I’m seriously considering. It won’t get me all the way there on its own, but every little bit helps, right?

This post kinda serves a dual purpose: to update you on the latest week in my life, and to give this WordPress for Android app a real test spin. It doesn’t quite match up to the regular web admin interface, but it seems nice enough for shorter blog posts. I know, this didn’t exactly turn out as a short post, but at least I got a little bit of training out of it. The auto-correcting phone dictionary is somewhat of an interfering pain in the rear, but it’s more a matter of patience, something I sometimes lack (which is also the main reason I never seem to finish up most of my “big” projects I have planned out).

In any case, it’s bedtime for me right now. I’ll see ya around!