Almost upgrade time!

Last week, I decided to go through with upgrading my laptop. The laptop is a 3 years old Dell Studio 1535, with 250 GB hard drive space and 3 GB RAM. After some research, I found that it currently has two RAM modules installed (one 2 GB and one 1 GB), and supports a maximum of 4 GB, meaning, I’ll be replacing the 1 GB module with a 2 GB one, maxing out what the laptop can handle. I also went with a new 500 GB hard drive, doubling the total capacity it can handle. Last, but not least, I threw in a 8 GB USB memory stick for good measure. It will come in handy when transferring somewhat large amount of data.

I finally got a message from the postal service that it was almost here:

Meaning, the package is ready to be picked up tomorrow. And since I just found out that the downtown post office had spent the last few days moving to another location, which would become just a few minutes away from where I work, it won’t even be a detour during my lunch break.

I might even get brand new software for my upgrade from my workplace, too. Today, the laptop has Windows Vista Ultimate and Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, amongst other things, and through my office, I have access to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. I just have to ask my boss for the license keys, and it looks like I’ll go for the Windows 7 Professional and Office Professional Plus 2010 editions, since our company’s subscription package includes more than one license for these two. Our company only has one single license for the Ultimate edition of Windows 7, and I don’t want to be the one hogging this particular one. Besides, the differences between “Professional” and “Ultimate” aren’t that much of a deal anyway.

If I get the license keys secured before the weekend, I’ll be spending the weekend upgrading and reinstalling software, and start next week with a renewed laptop.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Or, at least somewhat, since my laptop won’t exactly be online while I’m doing this.