Sixty Second September, revisited

Some of you may remember that I did a challenge called “Sixty Second September” a couple of years ago. It was indeed challenging, especially on slow days, and after running out of topics. The daily vlogging experience was interesting, but not something I’d want to do on a regular basis.

Out of the blue, I received a comment on one of my videos, asking if I’d do it again this year. I’ve been following a YouTuber named Ellellevlog, who recently did the “VEDA” challenge (vlog every day in August), and it has been interesting to watch her during the ups and downs of daily vlogging (especially when you don’t really have anything).

To repeat the challenge, you’d need to put out a video blog on YouTube every day in the month of September, each video lasting as close to one minute (60 seconds) as possible. The most challenging thing is to either stretch it out to that long (when you have nothing in particular to share), or shorten it (when you have a topic you want to rant about). Last time around, I made sure I only did on weekdays, but this time, I’ll try to do it during the weekends as well. It will certainly be an interesting experience, especially since I’ll be travelling one long weekend around the 25th, when I’ll go see Weird Al Yankovic in concert in Oslo, and also while helping out babysitting my niece and nephew the weekend before that. That is, interesting, in a “how the hell will I be able to do that” kind of way.

For those interested in following me, I’ve set up a playlist where I’ll add all Sixty Second September videos for this year, or you can also see them embedded on this page:

If anyone else is reading this, and plan to do the same, please do let me know, so we can share the experience.

Thanks for following, and good luck to me!