about me

B9 d++ t+ k s- u– f- i- o+ x e+ l c

So you wish to know more about me? Here ya go, lotsa facts about me:

Basic data

Location: Ålesund, Norway
Status: Single (dammit! still!)
Birthdate: February 17, 1980
First name: Kim André
Daily use: just Kim
Last name: I’ll leave you guessing a little. I reveal my full name to those who ask in particular, although a quick Google search will reveal this (you’ll find it on the first few result pages).
My sign, baby: Aquarius. But you would’ve already figured that one out if you saw my birthdate and are into that kind of stuff.
Height: 171 cm (that’s about 5′ 7″ to you non-metric nuts)
Weight: Quite fluffy, but on my way down…
Hair: Black-ish and not too dandruffy
Eyes: Greenish brownish something
Eyesight: Terrible. I’ve been using strong custom cut glasses since the age of 6. Near-sighted as hell. If you need the numbers, I think they were something like -6.5 on one eye and -7.5 on the other. Grown to the point where I can’t imagine my life without ’em. I’ve considered laser surgery, but I’m not that keen on the idea.
  • nuts — all kinds (except for peppernuts, nutmeg, nuts&bolts and my lower-region genitals)
  • beans
  • peas (so much for peas on Earth — bad pun, I know)
  • eggs — but the ones exposed to chemical reactions (such as baking) appears to be OK
  • cats & dogs
  • most animals, it seems
  • birch trees — and the stuff that’s spread out of ’em during the summer
  • grass pollen (there goes the summer)
  • soy proteins (nasty throat feeling there) — everything else soy goes well
Other bad stuff: Mild asthma, often triggered by cold air (there goes the winter as well)
Parents: Two, as most other people. Divorced back in ’93, mom remarried in ’95 (to a very nice fella), dad usually only appears when he wants something (kinda busy).
Siblings: Two of them as well. One half sister (kinda, on my dad side), born 1998. One “whole” sister, born 1983.
Religion: Agnostic would be the word. If you want me to elaborate, please do ask.
Politics: On the socialist end of the scale, and I prefer it there. Not a political activist, but not afraid to speak up when a conversation heads out on the political track.
Intermission: You’re still with me, eh?
Knowledge and skills:
  • Website design — basic skills, I suppose. I’m very into doing it the “hard way”
  • Programming — PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Delphi. You can probably count HTML, XHTML and CSS in on this skill.
  • MOUS Master — Microsoft Office User Specialist (using MS Office 2000) (2001)
  • MCP — Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server (2001)
  • Linux user — on a more advanced level now, still anxious to learn more, though.
  • Windows XP Power User — self-proclaimed, you could say.
  • MS-DOS Power User — again, self-proclaimed. And yes, I do have an old computer powered up and running.
  • Music programming — I was a ShoutCast DJ (radio host) at ErrorFM for a few years (almost weekly during 2002-2004 – my posted playlist count shows exactly 160 shows), but I’m currently taking a pause from it due to time constraints in my life.
  • Technical knowledge about computers, networking and the Internet — because I really don’t have a more complete overview of how much I actually know about these subjects (but I know it’s a pretty wide range of knowledge).
Employment status: Betadome Digital Media — my one-man business.
IntraHouse AS — System Administrator.
Previous nicknames:
quick selection
  • KeZe
  • Kimandre
  • Sigma3
  • imPRESSion (yes…..)
  • Wairdoe (yeah, don’t ask me how I came up with that one)
  • Spacecom (but then I found out about a rather large satellite service provider)

(Quite a nutsy selection, eh?)

Annoying habits:
  • “Fashionably late” to just about everything (my dad has always been like that, I must’ve gotten that from him)
  • Procrastination galore (which explains why my blog is hardly updated)
  • Bad short term memory (although my long term memory sometimes makes up for it)

Actually, I was asked to name my most annoying habit. Well, pick one — it all depends on which you think is worse.

Weaknesses: Hmm… You could start by checking the list of allergies and the “other bad stuff” further up. That about covers it.
Pet peeve: My own annoying habits (see above), believe it or not.

Contact me if there’s something you want to see on this list. I’ll add it if I’m comfortable with it.


Author(s): Michael Crichton
Beer: Kilkenny (alternately Carlsberg regular)
  • Carbonated water with aroma (no brand preference)
Car brand: Ford
Coffee: I don’t drink coffee. The scent of it is good, but I’ve never felt the need to take a sip. Rather take a look at “hot beverage(s)”.
Color: Blue
Comedian(s): Gabriel Iglesias
Computer game: EVE Online
Fast-food: None at the moment
Food: Pizza! Boo-yah!
Holiday destination(s):
  • South-West Germany (in general)
  • Opatija, Croatia
  • most big cities
Hot beverage(s):
  • Peppermint tea (or tea in general)
Memory: [1998] Sitting in a chair, holding my youngest sister in my arms for the first time (a week or two after she was born).
Music: Big fan of Blue Man Group. Other than that, just about everything, really. But I do enjoy listening to 80’s tunes. And I have those moody periods where I get attached to certain artists (lasting about a week and a half every time around).
Newspaper: VG – Verdens Gang (Norwegian)
Search engine: Google
Temperature: 21°C
TV show(s):