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Single life is annoying

01.09.2011 21:37

I find life as a single guy quite annoying. I’ve been single all of my adult life, and the fact that I’m both overweight and shy when it comes to initial contact with strangers serve as hindering factors in getting any romance in my life.

So when a Facebook friend of mine (who shall remain unnamed for now) recently made a status update, saying that he had been single for so long that friends and family might think he was gay, it was a feeling I could totally relate to. I even commented on that status update, saying just that. But when, after a few comments from others, he revealed that he actually was gay, it became clear that his status update was made sarcastically, and I did something I later came to regret; I deleted my original comment.

The fact that he actually was gay, made my comment no longer relevant, since I’m not gay myself. I did have a period in my life when I wasn’t entirely sure, but after some soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that I prefer girls, and my uncertainty was just a phase of exploring my sexuality. Even so, I don’t mind people who are gay, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just not my thing.

However, I did feel that my friend’s original comment in itself was a thought that has crossed my mind several times before, it was the real thought behind that comment that made me remove my response, instead of making a second response to clear things up.

As many intelligent people know, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and goes to show how one could have reacted differently (which is more or less the definition of hindsight). I felt bad about removing my comment ever since.

I just hope that by putting mtg thoughts into words and making them public might help me move on with my life with one less worry to bother me. I also hope that my friend (or anyone who saw the thing happen) might come across this post and understand why I did what I did, and perhaps let my indiscretion slide this time around (and even jokingly call me out on it if I ever do something like that again).