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Overseer – Meteorology

24.04.2005 23:20

Marmot asked me to translate a little bit text in Swedish to English for him. The text is spoken in the tune Meteorology by Overseer, so did my best shot at it, since Norwegians are known to understand all the other Scandinavian languages (Swedish and Danish) better than people in Sweden and Denmark understand Norwegian (according to a recent study).

Anyway, here’s my shot at it:

Original text: Translated text:
Konst har ingen fiende förutom nonchalans Art has no enemy except the lack of respect
Bättre att böja än att bryta It’s better to bend than to break
Det finns ingen så blind som de som inte kan se Nobody is as blind as those who can’t see
Blod är tjockare än vatten Blood is thicker than water
Prata tyst och mjukt, men bär på ett slagträ Talk quietly and soft, but carry a bat
Alla moln är fyllda med silver All clouds are filled with silver
I de blindas land är den enögde en kung In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is a king
Rädsla är stärkare än kärlek Fear is stronger than love
Bättre foten slinter än tungan Better letting your foot slip than your tongue
Det regnar inte, men det öser ner It never rains, it pours

The translation is close-to-accurate, but I did have to get a quick bit of help from a Swede for a couple of the words (which I didn’t pick up correctly when listening to the tune). Bear in mind that I had no written text to begin with, I had to catch the whole text from the tune itself.