sponsor packages

If you want to advertise your product or website on my blog (I’ve had a few requests about this previously), I’ve set up a very simple advertising package, with discounts for longer time periods.

The advertising package includes a blog post written by me about your product/website in the general blog category, including keywords of your choice incorporated into the text (where specified keywords may link to your website). You can also write your own text, but the custom text will be subject to modification to fit my website profile. Images may be allowed along with the text at no additional cost, but is also subject to modifications.

Additionally, the advertising package includes a direct link (for quick access) to the custom-written blog post from the top of the right-hand navigation menu (under the “highlighted posts” heading at the top) for the duration of the advertising period. After the advertising period ends, the link from “highlighted posts” will be removed, but the blog post itself will be kept in the archive (no extra charge). The custom-written blog post can be removed/deactivated from the archive if requested after the end of the advertising period.

Please keep in mind, that to comply with Norwegian law regarding marketing and advertising, I will place a disclaimer at the very bottom of the blog post to signify that the blog text is a paid advertisement, and is not part of my usual editorial content. This disclaimer, however, is in smaller print to not distract attention away from the main text of the blog post.

Also note, that even though I’ll allow you to supply your own completed text, I will not grant you access to my blog system to enter or modify this text on your own. This is a general rule, and does not apply exclusively to advertisers, as such access will only be granted to close, personal, long-term friends of mine that I can trust 100% with the site’s content.

The pricing for this package is as follows:

1 month:50 USD
3 months:100 USD
6 months:150 USD
12 months:250 USD

Payment is primarily through PayPal, but I can also accommodate for other payment methods if you have other preferences. Just ask.